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Sexuality course

In this course, you’ll learn how you can enjoy and express your sexuality after a spinal cord injury; by understanding and knowing your body, being open to exploring new possibilities, and working on your relationships.

Sex is a big part of life for everyone, including people who live with spinal cord injury.  If you have a spinal cord injury, you can still definitely enjoy sex and express your sexuality.  You may need to confront myths and stereotypes about sex and disability, and you’ll find it helpful to examine your own attitudes.  It’s also essential to get a clear understanding of how your body works and your sexual responses.  You can develop this understanding by getting more information and by exploring your own body. Sex toys, positioning aids and other assistive devices can help.

Over time, you’ll develop the confidence to meet new people, including potential romantic partners. Open communication is the secret to handling the challenges you may face with your partner, as you adapt to new roles and expectations. Talking honestly about sex can be challenging, but it’s necessary to build understanding and trust. It also helps to be open-minded and experimental, letting go of past expectations and being open to discovering new things.

Course Contents
Section 1 – Sex and Spinal Cord Injury
1.1 – What is sexuality?
1.2 – Answering your questions
1.3 – Myths about sex & SCI
1.4 – What’s the same? What has changed?  
1.5 – (Re)discovering your sexual self

Section 2 – Your Sexual Self
2.1 – Sex = Body + Mind
2.2 – Kinds of Arousal
2.3 – Pleasure, Orgasm and Ejaculation
2.4 – Sexual Self Esteem
2.5 – Exploring Possibilities

Section 3 – Relationships and Role Changes
3.1 – Relationships and Role Changes
3.2 – Being Social and Meeting People
3.3 – Talking about Sex
3.4 – Logistics
3.5 – Taking Time to Adapt