Spinal Cord Injury and You

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The spinal cord carries messages between the brain and the rest of the body and when it’s damaged, a person can experience a number of physical changes.

These can include changes to your nervous system like paralysis, loss of sensation, spasms and nerve pain. Spinal cord injury can also affect other body systems like skin and bones, and it can change how you go to the bathroom and how you take care of yourself.

Every injury is unique and you’ll need the help of rehabilitation professionals to get the best recovery and adapt successfully.

It’s natural that a spinal cord injury will have a big emotional impact, not only for the injured person but also those who are close to them. Learning from peers, other people with spinal cord injury, is a very important resource to help you and those close to you get through these difficult times and build a new life.

If you have a spinal cord injury, you can stay healthy and enjoy life to the fullest by getting to know your body, working in partnership with your health care team, informing yourself and taking charge of your health.

In this course you’ll learn about:

  • Your spinal cord and the messages it carries between the brain and the rest of the body
  • The physical changes to your body after a spinal cord injury
  • The rehabilitation team that can assist you in getting the best recovery and adapting successfully
  • The emotional impact on the injured person and their friends and family
  • Ways to learn from peers (other people with spinal cord injury) and their families to help you get through the difficult times and build a new life
  • Informing yourself and taking charge of your health

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Course contents
Section 1 – What is SCI?
1.1 – What is Spinal Cord Injury?
1.2 – Paraplegia & Quadriplegia
1.3 - Levels of Injury
1.4 - Complete & Incomplete
1.5 - Physical Effects
1.6 - Emotional Effects

Section 2 – Recovery & Adapting
2.1 - Tough Questions
2.2 - Starting Rehabilitation
2.3 - Adapting
2.4 - Stress
2.5 - Communication and Relationships

Section 3 – Rehab & Beyond
3.1 - Your Rehab Journey
3.2 - The Rehab Team
3.3 - Getting the Most Out of Rehab
3.4 - Taking Charge
3.5 - Success Stories