Physical Activity

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In this course, you’ll learn how to get physically active so you can improve your fitness, health and quality of life.  

Physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle for adults with spinal cord injury. Researchers have developed physical activity guidelines specifically designed for adults with SCI. The guidelines say that you should get two kinds of exercise on a regular basis: aerobic exercise at moderate to high intensity for 20 minutes twice a week, and strength training exercises, also twice a week.

There are many different ways to get active: adapted sports that you can participate in on an individual or on a team, like swimming, skiing, rugby and tennis, as well as daily activities like dog-walking and wheeling around the mall. There are programs that can help you find accessible facilities, groups and equipment in your area. Setting realistic goals and tracking your progress using an action plan can help you get fit and make physical activity a part of your everyday life.

Course Contents
Section 1. Living an Active Life
1.1 - The importance of physical activity  
1.2 - Ways to Be Active
1.3 - Guidelines for Physical Activity
1.3a - Guidelines for Aerobic Activity
1.3b - Guidelines for Strength Training Activity
1.4 - Getting Started

Section 2. Ways to Get Fit
2.1 – Ways to Get Fit
2.2 - Aerobic Activities
2.3 - Strength Training Activities
2.4 - Intensity
2.5 - Safety
Section 3: Overcoming Barriers and Reaching Your Goal
3.1 - Introduction - Making Activity Happen
3.2 - Overcoming Barriers
3.3 - Setting Goals
3.4 - Creating an Action Plan
3.5 - How to Stick to Your Action Plan