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Pain may happen after a spinal cord injury.  These sensations may be similar to what you felt before your injury, or they may change. 

This course will teach you about two major types of pain experienced by people with spinal cord injury: normal or nociceptive pain, and pain caused by damage to the nervous system, called neuropathic or “nerve” pain.

In the second section of this course, you’ll learn how to explain your pain to your healthcare team and discuss ways to manage it with and without medication.

Finally, this course will teach you strategies to learn to live well with your pain on a daily basis and to direct your friends, family and healthcare providers on how to assist with your care.  By better understanding your pain; the available medications, and professional support; plus lifestyle and relaxation techniques, you can lead a full and productive life.

Course Contents
Section 1: Understanding Your Pain
1.1-Understanding Your (New) Pain
1.2-How Pain Happens
1.3-Different Kinds of Pain
1.4-The Time Course of Pain
1.5-Who has Chronic Neuropathic Pain?

Section 2: Managing Your Pain
2.1-Managing Your Pain
2.2-Work with Your Healthcare Team
2.3-What If the Healthcare Professionals Don't Understand My Pain?
2.4-Managing Musculoskeletal Pain
2.4a-without Medication
2.4b-with Medication
2.5-Managing Neuropathic Pain
2.5a-without Medication
2.5b-with Medication

Section 3: Taking Control of Your Pain 3.1-Taking Control of Your Pain
3.2-Understanding Emotional and Psychological Aspects
3.3-Asking for Assistance and Seeking Social Support
3.4-Taking Medication Safely
3.5-Resting, Relaxing and Learning from Others
3.6-Explaining Your Pain to Others