Information for health professionals

SCI-U can help you educate your clients and patients about healthy living with SCI. The courses are:

  • Focused on the information your clients/patients need;
  • Interactive, engaging and user-friendly;
  • Accessible after discharge.

You may want to watch or work through part of the courses with your client/patient.  You can do this:

If you find yourself in a teachable moment without Internet access, you can refer clients or patients by giving them an SCI-U business card. For pricing information, and to order business cards for distribution, contact us at

SCI-U business cards can be used as a referral tool

Research & development process

For detailed information about the research background and documentation of the development process used to create the first five SCI-U courses, download this paper:

SCI-U: E-learning for patient education in spinal cord injury rehabilitation; background and development process.

Case Studies [Coming Soon]

To help you think about the teachable moments when you could refer your patient/client to SCI-U, we’ve put together two Case Studies. Click on the links below to check them out:

Case Study 1

Case Study 2


You can find a full script of each course on the relevant course page.