How to use SCI-U

1. From a computer

If you’re accessing SCI-U from a computer (desktop or laptop), you can use the full, interactive versions of the courses. Click on the green icon on each course page.

These versions use Flash, so they won’t work on some mobile devices. They include special features like quizzes and tabs with additional information. You can navigate within the courses using the player controls and page titles.

2. From a mobile device

If you’re using SCI-U on your mobile device, the YouTube versions of the courses (playlists) are your best bet. Click on the YouTube icon on each course page.

Each playlist contains the same content as the course, with each page of the course as a separate YouTube clip. You can use the YouTube controls to navigate between clips.


Finding the information you need

Choosing a course & finding info on this site

If you’re using this site and want to find more information on a specific topic, you can try one of the keywords listed on the home page. This will take you to all the courses that cover that topic.

If what you want isn’t listed in the keywords, try the search box at the top right. This will search the course pages, including the full script of each course. Note: search box does not display on small screens (smartphones, etc.).

Finding info within a course

To find information within each of the courses, use the search box, which you can find by clicking on the tab labelled “Search” just below the video presenter.

You can search the contents of all the slides, as well as the script of the course.

To see the script for each slide, click on the tab labelled “Notes,” next to the “Search” tab.